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PostHeaderIcon Monika Škochová

Dobrý den,
tímto žádám o poskytnutí půjčky ve výši 250 000,- korun. Jsem na MD ale k tomu si i vydělávám. Splácet si mohu dovolit částku 5000,- korun.Peníze by jsem investovala do bydlení a chtěla bych si udělat ŘP a potom koupit nějaké malé auto.Dostala jsem nabídku práce na HPP ale k tomu potřebuji ŘP.

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  • Monika Škochová napsal:

    Ještě zde uvádím kontakt pro případné nabídky email 8onika@seznam.cz
    Respektuji jakýkoliv úrok,bez zástavy majetku a poplatků předem.

    • Bertha napsal:

      That's funny, the post I planned on posting (and did) for finding the funny was the post we did this week about Cookie Monsetr.Also, I had completely forgotten about that painting numbers guy and you totally nailed it on the head with him. I too so envied his ability to paint so elegantly and accurately. Especially on that bald guy.

    • Mietityttää, että tuleeko kreatonismi ihan oikeastikin kukoistamaan tulevaisuudessa. Jos historiaa katsotaan, uskonnon merkitys on vaihdellut ennenkin. Jospa olemme nyt vain aallon pohjalla?

    • Luke are you on the fiddle yourself which is why you think it's OK for Labour MEP's to get rich on the backs of decent law abiding taxpayers?Well? Are you fiddling disability allowances or what?We should know Luke.

    • "Utrota ett helt folk"? Nja, men hur kommer det sig dÃ¥ att det finns ett land som heter ISRAEL! BestÃ¥r detta land alltsÃ¥ av svenskar och/eller marsianer? Den där sk förintelsen och sk slutgiltiga lösningen gick ignet vidare va eller hur?

    • Yoe seems to edit books designed for a casual reader who barely exists. I guess if his books sell to libraries they might serve kids doing book reports. The majority of people interested in almost any of the books Yoe has edited want a through, focused treatment, and Yoe is bent on producing the Time-Life Library of Comics.

    • Imagino que por eso tienen tanto éxito los cómics, que son un buen método para iniciar en la lectura a los perezosos y también los pictogramas para primeros lectores.La pena es que haya tan pocas novelas para adultos que tengan ilustraciones, porque esa es también una forma de enriquecer el intelecto. No en vano el diccionario de la R.A.E. define la acción de ilustrar como „dar luz al entendimiento“

    • http://www./ napsal:

      Love the bike! Just to clarify, a mixte refers to a bike *specifically* with the pair of lateral tubes. Not all ladies, step-through bikes are mixtes. I say this as a proud mixte owner :)

    • http://www./ napsal:

      I love your post ..it is simple but effective…another tip…is a stamping art effect on paper with different materials..like leaves, potatoes is a good one cut in half and the kids can dip it in paint and stamp it on the paper….thank you for sharing Marthese recently posted..

    • http://www./ napsal:

      Wow, thanks for tackling such a hard subject to talk about. Some of the problems I have that you didn’t address are abortions where the person has been raped. What are your thoughts on this? The other thing that really gets me riled up is partial birth abortion. I can not even believe that this is an option because the whole head hasn’t made it out or because they are still connected they can still “abort”. In my opinion that would be murder. It just makes me sad to think about the poor little baby who could have gone to a home but instead was killed.

    • http://www./ napsal:

      Wo derful dress <3 i love your blog. It would be a great pleasure if you visit my blog :) and become a member if you like it. Lovely greetings from nadine from ballerinasbun.blogspot.com xoxo !

    • Love the info! I had no idea blogger claimed ownership to the content of our blogs…I’m sure it’s in the fine print but I guess I never read that. Now I have some things to ponder. I think I would definitely pay someone to switch me over as I’m terrified I would mess it up!

  • zmiva napsal:

    Vím, někoho, kdo vám může pomoci.
    Když jsem potřeboval obrovské peníze mi pomohl.
    kontaktujte pana Farhadi E-mail:
    úvěr věřitel, věřím mu..
    hodně štěstí

    • Christy napsal:

      Kerrie / i went to a party and this guy that i knew had never drunk tequila rose. we started playin an alcholic game and we took a bunch of shots of tequila rose. he started to get really tired and once he had layed down and started to drink water, i noticed that he was gettin an allergic rentcioa. he started to form a rash on his arms, neck, and face. it started to scare me and the only thing that it could have been was the tequila rose. he had never drunk it before and it was the only thing that he had never done. that was the cause.

    • The Dark Knight probabilmente non è il capolavoro che molti hanno detto, ma ha più di un momento notevole.E Inception non è propriamente fantascienza.I presupposti lo sono, ma si svolge nel presente e tutto ciò che si vede di fantascientifico è una macchina che sta dentro una valigetta e qualche tubicino.È più una cosa – per capirci – al Michel Gondry di Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

    • A mi la verdad es que los nombres me dan igual, estoy acostumbrada a ambos xDEso si, David Jenner no me pega para Phoenix… (Y dudo de que parte del cast haya salido a la luz antes de mostrarse un doblaje o algo, es un poco raro… Aunque sea de eldoblaje xD)

    • http://www./ napsal:

      le Magneto est vraiment croqué « a la Mignola! »( ce n’est pas un point négatif)!par contre les héros…RÉVEILLEZ VOUS !!!! METTEZ LES POINGS EN AVANT ET BOURRINEZ VOUS EN SPLASH PAGE!!!! y en a marre de ces poses endormies facon « Watchmen » c’est du comic book ! pas du Hugo Pratt!!!

    • http://www./ napsal:

      Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. :)


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